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Howdy y'all! An welcome ta Fanfic Paradise!^_^ Ah'm Applejack Apple!

Now some o ya folks might be wonderin 'What in tarnation is this place?'. Well, tha answer ta that is simple. Fanfic Paradise is, as tha name claims, a paradise o fanfiction.

Our main attraction is our forums. We XenForo 1, an phpBB3, forums. Both o them have some really good addons, styles, an such. {{Warnin: Tha XenForo forums ain't up yet. Due ta me not havin tha money ta pay fer em. Ah'll put em up as soon as Ah get tha cash to buy em.}}

More attractions are our hosted fanfiction sites, an free email, fer fanfic authors. These are authors who have published on our forums. An now have free webspace, an email, because o that.

01. Forums
02. Authors
03. Contact Me

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