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Hello all! And welcome to Fanfic Paradise!^_^ I am the Dark Goddess Liananna. The Goddess of Darkness and Shadows. As you can see above, I am capable of taking many forms.

... Oh... My apologies. I forgot that mortals cannot understand My native tongue. ... Alright... Let's try this again now.

Hello all! And welcome to Fanfic Paradise!^_^ I am the Dark Goddess Liananna. ... Liananna. There.^_^ ... The Goddess of Darkness and Shadows. As you can see above, I am capable of taking many forms.^_^


This one will do for now. I know you mortals prefer those you are conversing with to stay to one form. So, I will stay like this awhile.^_^

Now some of you might be wondering "Just what is this place?". Well, the answer to that is simple. Fanfic Paradise is, as the name claims, a paradise of fanfiction.

Our main attraction are our forums. We have two lovely XenForo 1 forums. SFW and NSFW. And they have some really good addons, styles, and such. We also have lifetime SSL for the domain.^_^ And the domain.^_^ Yay!^_^ As long as I continue to pay for the hosting, and the domain names I have there, then everything will be just fine.^_^ You can see a status list down close to the bottom of the page now. It will let you know how things are going with the site, and other such.

I also give you My "Solemn Word" that the forums will always be XenForo 1 forums. As long as I have anything to say about it. They will NOT BE changed into some other brand of forum, have the "Default" style taken away, or upgraded downgraded into XenForo 2.


Shared Premium Hosting


01. / Registered At: 12/04/2018 (For Four Years) $ 103.20 / Expires: 12/06/2022 / Renewal Cost: ???.?? (I hope I can get enough then) / Times Renewed: Zero


01. / Registered At: 12/04/2018 (For Two Years) $ 20.34 / Expires: 12/04/2020 / Renewal Cost: $ 22.00 (For Two Years) / Times Renewed: Once At 12/03/2020 (Paid For By Ack. Yay Ack! God Bless You Now Ack!^_^)

02. / Registered At: 03/12/2019 (For One Year) $ 0.00 (Came Free With Hosting Purchase) / Expires: 03/13/2021 / Renewal Cost $ 11.00 (For One Year) / Times Renewed: Once At 03/12/2020


01. / Registered At: 10/14/2020 (Lifetime) $ 0.00 (Due To Recent Policy Change Now Free With Shared Premium, Or Shared Business, Hosting Account) / Expires: Never. / Renewal Cost: N/A

02. / Registered At: 10/16/2020 (Lifetime) $ 0.00 (Given as an apology for changing their "Unlimited Diskspace" to "Limited Diskspace") / Expires: Never. / Renewal Cost: N/A

Plans Regarding

01. Renew . If it goes, I loose all the forum databases. And so much more too. Must make sure to renew. Can't afford to loose all of that. Done.

02. Renew .

03. Upgrade Shared Premium account to Shared Business account for more CPU power, and more HD space.

Plans Regarding Forums

01. Do not add more add-ons to the forums. Addons can sometimes conflict with each other. This can lead to... problems for them.

02. Keep working on the forums.

03. Invite people to join the forums sometime.

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